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Call for International Investigation On Human Rights Violations No. 3

Call for International Investigation On Human Rights Violations No. 3

London, February 28. 2011.

Dear H.E. President Barack H. Obama !
Dear H.E. Queen Elizabeth II !
Dear H. E. Prime Minister David Cameron !
Dear H. E. MR. William Hague !
Dear H. E. Members Of The Human Rights Council !
Dear H. E. Journalists and Investigative Journalists !

HERBY I do call for an international investigation on serious violations and abuses against the universal Human Rights.

Thank you !


Andreas Klamm, Tunisian-French-German journalist, broadcast journalist, author, founder and managing editor of
Radio TV IBS Liberty, http://www.ibstelevision.org, Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters, http://www.libertyandpeacenow.org, http://www.humanrightsreporters.wordpress.com

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URGENT CALL: We need more opinions

URGENT CALL: We need more opinions

Washington, D.C./New York City/October 21, 2008/3mnewswire.org/– The founder and director of IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Radio IBS Liberty, IBS Television has made an urgent call to all U.S. media organizations and organizations.

“Since 1986 we are providing independent news, radio and television reports. At this special times it seems quite certain, that we do receive only news and press releases which are leading to one direction. Certainly I would call such a thing MANIPULATION OF INFORMATION. As editor in chief I can assure you all, that we do NOT WANT SUCH a THING! PLEASE send us your news and information to our editorial office: news247@btinternet.com. We will be happy to receive your information and news releases and we are open to all perspectives.”, said the editor, journalist and broadcasting journalist Andreas Klamm.

The editor said also: “IBS Independent Broadcasting Liberty is operating under NO- and LOW-Budget conditions, PLEASE therefore do support the international independent media. Thank you.”


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