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World Crisis: No jobs are available

World Crisis: No jobs are available

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi from Libya has said a little part of the truth how many rich people in this world do think: “We will have no mercy upon you!”

By Andreas Klamm-Sabaot

Tripoli / Libya / London / United Kingdom. February 25, 2011. Many people in Tunisia, Egypt, the Kingdom of Bahrain, Libya, Ireland, Iraq, Greece, in some parts of the United States of America and even in Germany have been calling: “We want jobs…”. Certainly the demands of the people should be clear and easy to understand. These people are actually calling for social security, food, water, clothes, some money, joy, happiness, human rights and human dignity. There are many people in this world which will be able to understand the demands and desires of the people. However someone or some brave people should tell these people the truth. THERE ARE NO JOBS AVAILABLE ! Or may be to say in words which are more close to the truth in this world: There are billions of jobs available but there are not many people WHICH ARE WILLING TO PAY YOU for your work.

Rich people do not want to get poor people rich. Another little part of the truth. Many of these people which are calling now for social security, social justice, human rights and human dignity have been oppressed in harmful ways for 20 or even more than 40 years. This might be perhaps one of the reasons, that these people have not be able to understand and to realize that the rich people are getting even more rich, while those people which do suffer beyond description and are poor are getting even more poor. The simple truth is, the rich people are getting richer and the poor people are getting more poor.

As long as the rich people may not decide to share their wealth and riches with the billions of poor people there will be not one single way out of this disaster, actually there is no solution. Many of the rich people are not willing to give their money to people even if billions of people do suffer beyond description. So many of these super rich people are not even willing to help children, disabled people, sick people and poor people even if they are in danger of death. Some of these rich people do refuse to share the riches and wealth with the poor people and it is almost impossible to change the mind of rich people in many cases.

One of the biggest disasters to billions of people in this world is caused by human minds of rich people which do not know grace or mercy. They believe they have the right to keep all of the wealth and the riches which could help billions of people. Instead of making a decision to help children, women and men which do suffer beyond description some of these rich people actually do believe the have the right to allow that billions of people will starve to death or may be killed by war or any other kind of mass destruction. This is a serious threat and a serious problem. Many of the rich people do know about this and most of the rich people are not even to explain what they might do with billions of Euros, U.S. Dollars or even Gold in their grave. For some unknown reason many of the rich people still do not want to show a sign of grace and mercy that the might save some life of billions of people.

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi from Libya has said a little part of the truth how many rich people in this world do think: “We will have no mercy upon you!”.

“94 percent of global income distribution is in the hands of 40 percent of the world’s population. 60 percent of the world population have to live with only 6 percent of the global income distribution. This is NOT a formula for peace.” said the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus
, also known as ‘Banker to the Poor “, in his acceptance speech already in 2006.

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Blood Shed And War In Egypt: Reports do warn of massacre ahead in few hours !

Blood Shed And War In Egypt: Reports do warn of massacre ahead in few hours !

New York City. February 3, 2011. EMERGENCY NEWS RELEASE, 2.20 GMT, (and) Unconfirmed reports do warn about a planned massacre may ahead a couple of hours in which all Pro-Democracy Supporters in Egypt will be killed. At about 2.20 GMT Mubarak Supporters opened fire with guns on Pro-Democracy Supporters and have injured seven people. According to official reports 3 people have been killed and more than 1500 people have been injured.

Some international observers do believe that the BATTLE OF EGYPT will lead not only in Egypt but in the world to an end of democracy and the Human Rights in this world as we used to know it until February 2, 2011. Unconfirmed reports do indicate that journalists and people which do support human rights and democracy will be hunted down and will be killed in all the world. Some reports and observations may indicate that the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be destroyed. The violence in Egypt could easily lead to an international WORLD CRISIS, the end of democracy and human rights in the entire world.

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